Tap Talent of Youth to tackle Corona Virus: UN


Amidst the challenges faced because of coronavirus pandemic, the United Nations has called for harnessing the talents of young people to address the crisis and its aftermath. UN Secretary General António Guterres stressed this during a videoconference meeting held for reviewing the landmark resolution on youth, peace and security.

“‘The world cannot afford a lost generation of youth, their lives set back by COVID-19 and their voices stifled by a lack of participation. Let us do far more to tap their talents as we tackle the pandemic and chart a recovery that leads to a more peaceful, sustainable and equitable future for all,” he said.

The United Nations said that the youth was already facing numerous challenges even before the pandemic. This included issues related to accessing education or those related to violence and conflict. Despite these challenges, the UN said that a lot of young people have joined in the fight against the deadly virus. They were supporting the frontline workers and also people who are in need of help.

Guterres also issued a four-point call to action and urged members to address the various challenges faced by the youth. He also called strengthening human rights protections and also protecting civic space in which youth participation depends.

Meanwhile, UN Youth Envoy Jayathma Wickramanayake pointed out the need for more partnerships between the youth, government institutions and civil society organizations Youth, Peace and Security agenda. She said that there was no national plan on Youth, Peace and Security agenda in a majority of the countries.


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