Taiwan makes history allowing same sex marriage

Taiwan gets its first among Asian countries to allow same sex marriage as the Taiwanese legislature passed a legislation legalising such marriages.

The parliament passed the bill after the highest court in Taiwan had two years ago ruled that it was unconstitutional not to allow same sex marriages and even directed the parliament to take steps to implement its order.

Soon after the decision came out, LGBT activists in thousands gathered outside the parliament and cheered waving rainbow flags. The bill was passed when only a week was left for the two year deadline given by the court to implement its order on same sex marriages.

The new bill will come into effect from May 24. Te island nation has a larger gay community and its gay parade is slated to be the biggest in Asia, the marriage of same sex was widely opposed. In a referendum, almost 70 per cent of the people opposed such marriages.

The LGBT had for the last two years been quite apprehensive and had expressed their disillusionment with the politicians for the delay in passing the bill even after a court verdict.
Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing wen said that it was a historical moment and that they have taken a bold step towards equality


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