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World Bank Unveils Game-Changing Toolkit

World Bank's innovative toolkit transforms crisis management, providing swift aid and resilience to developing nations.

2023: A Year of Inequality and Unprecedented Challenges

2023: A Year of Inequality and Unprecedented Challenges

One in Six Children Lives in Extreme Poverty

About 333 million children, or 1 in 6, live in extreme poverty, enduring conditions of deprivation that encompass basic needs, dignity, opportunities

Transformative Power of Digital Technology in Health Systems

Digital technology has the potential to enhance health systems, bolster health financing and public health efforts, and expand access to underserved populations, as highlighted in a recent World Bank report. This report, titled " Digital-in-Health: Unlocking the Value for Everyone,” was unveiled during the G20 Health Ministers Meeting in Gandhinagar, India. It introduces a paradigm shift from mere digitization of health data to a comprehensive integration of digital technology across various aspects of health systems management and service delivery.

Agricultural Subsidies Rarely Achieve Purpose

Stressing that agricultural subsidies rarely achieve their stated purposes, a World Bank Report states that they often wreak havoc on forests, water supplies and public health. Although agricultural subsidies are often intended to increase the efficiency of production, they usually have the opposite effect, making farming less efficient.

World Bank approves $150 million loan to Kerala

The World Bank has approved a 150 million dollar loan to support the Resilient Kerala Program to continue strengthening the South Indian...

Cities at Heart of Climate Change

Cities - home to more than half of the world’s population and responsible for about 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions – are at the heart of the climate challenge, according to a World Bankreport. A new World Bank report, "Thriving: Making Cities Green, Resilient, and Inclusive in a Changing Climate," looks into the role cities play in both stopping climate change and protecting people from its impacts.

Countries rely on Migrants For Growth Potential

Populations across the world are aging at an unprecedented pace that many countries increasingly rely on migration to realise their long-term growth potential, according to a new report from the World Bank.

Biden Nominates Indian Banga to Lead World Bank

US PresidentJoe Biden on Thursday nominated former Mastercard Chief Executive Officer Ajay Banga to lead World Bank.  If confirmed by the World...

Poorest Countries Spend More Export Revenues for Paying Debt

The poorest countries now spend over a tenth of their export revenues for their long-term public and publicly guaranteed external debt—the highest...