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2023 Witnesses 30% Surge in Climate-Related Deaths

Save the Children's analysis reveals a 30% surge in climate-related deaths in 2023, hitting vulnerable communities hard. Urgent action needed to address the escalating climate crisis impact

Low-Intensity Fires as Guardians Against Catastrophic Wildfires

Amidst the ongoing reevaluation of the U.S. Forest Service's wildfire strategy, groundbreaking research reveals the transformative power of low-intensity burning in curbing the risk of devastating fires for extended periods. This study, published in Science Advances, provides a robust quantification of the value of controlled and prescribed fires, shedding light on their protective effects and influencing future wildfire management strategies.

Australia’s Wild fires Expanded Ozone Hole, Increased Global Heat

Wild fires that raged across south-eastern Australia in 2019–20 led to a spike in atmospheric temperatures and probably made the hole in...

Pathogenic Diseases Exacerbated by Climate Change; Study

Climate Change has already driven the severity and frequency of climate hazards like flooding, heat waves and wild fires, which has only...

Greater Attention Against Wildfire, Pollution Needed

Deadly wildfires, noise pollution and other looming environmental threats could cause widespread ecological consequences, and need greater attention, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) said...