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Ecological Threats Fuel Conflict and Displacement

A 25% increase in food insecurity elevates the risk of conflict by 36%, while a 25% rise in the number of people without access to clean drinking water raises the likelihood of conflict by 18%. Food insecurity and water stress are tightly interlinked, with regions having a history of conflict and weak governance being the most susceptible, said the Ecological Threat Report, produced by the Institute for Economics & Peace.

Human-Induced Salinization Threatens Environment

Human activities make the Earth's air, soil and freshwater saltier and this continued salt accumulation poses an "existential threat" to the environment if current patterns persist, said a recent scientific review.

Environmental Tipping Points: Global Systems at Risk

The world stands on the precipice of several environmental "tipping points" that could have irreversible consequences for vital resources and ecosystems

Soaring Temperatures Threaten River Health, Study Warns

Reduced water flows and rising atmospheric temperatures on rivers is of utmost concern and the changes are posing significant challenges to aquatic...

Hydrological Cycle in Crisis: Stocktake of Water Resources Needed

The world's hydrological cycle is increasingly disrupted due to the impacts of climate change and human activities, according to a comprehensive report from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The report highlights the urgent need for a stocktake of global water resources as droughts and extreme rainfall events take a toll on lives and economies.

Groundwater Depletion in India Could Triple In Coming Decades 

Indian farmers are adapting to rising temperatures by significantly increasing their use of groundwater for irrigation. This adaptation, if continued, could lead to a tripling of groundwater depletion rates by 2080, posing severe threats to India's food and water security, according to a recent study.

Water; Benefits of Staying Hydrated for Overall Health and Well-being

Water, a fundamental component of life, plays an indispensable role in supporting our bodies' functioning. With about 60 percent of our bodies composed of water and around 71 percent of the Earth's surface covered in it, water is essential not only for sustaining life but also for promoting overall health.

World Water Week: Multi-Dimensional Value of Water Amidst Global Challenges

Amidst the global challenges posed by water stress due to climatic fluctuations like extreme droughts and floods, numerous countries find themselves grappling with restricted access to clean drinking water. This year, a significant event known as World Water Week is set to take place from August 23 to September 1. The primary focus of this occasion is to shed light on the multifaceted value of water for people, nature, climate change, and overall development.

Water Stress: 25 countries Under Extreme Water Crisis

Twenty five countries, collectively home to a quarter of the global population, are grappling with extremely high water stress as the world is under an alarming water stress crisis, with profound implications for humanity's well-being, economies, and the environment.

Legacy of Roman Aqueducts Gains Significance at Time of Water Scarcity

In an era where contemporary water utilities grapple with maintaining pristine water supplies, a groundbreaking study led by Oxford geoarchaeologist Dr. Gül Sürmelihindi and an international team unveils a remarkable facet of ancient civilization. The research exposes the meticulous water management practices of Roman engineers who, some two millennia ago, adeptly sustained and preserved their intricate water systems.