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Wastewater: From Threat to Climate Solution and Resource Bounty

Wastewater poses a growing threat to both health and the environment, emitting nearly as many greenhouse gases as the aviation sector. However, a recent analysis from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and GRID-Arendal, in collaboration with the Global Wastewater Initiative (GWWI), says that with appropriate policies, wastewater could offer an alternative energy source to almost half a billion people. Furthermore, it could provide over ten times the water produced by current global desalination capacity and mitigate more than 10 percent of global fertilizer usage.

Effective Water Allocation needed As World Sees Risk

The world needs to make an efficient and effective allocation of water with food production and some of the world's largest cities facing serious...

Wastewater from oil production can cause earthquake: Study

Wastewater injection after oil and gas production can cause an earthquake? Yes, if the findings of study done by a group of geoscientists are...