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50,000 Russian War Deaths in Ukraine

An independent statistical analysis conducted by Russian media outlets Mediazona and Meduza, in collaboration with a data scientist from Germany's Tübingen University, estimates that nearly 50,000 Russian men have died in the war in Ukraine. Using the concept of excess mortality, the study examined inheritance records and official mortality data to reveal the true human cost of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The analysis highlights the hidden deaths that the Russian government has tried to conceal, shedding light on the devastating impact of the conflict.

Ukraine War, Conflict, Climate Adds More to Displacement

The war in Ukraine, alongside other conflict and climate-driven upheaval led more people to leave their homes last year, heightening the urgency for immediate, collective action to alleviate the global crisis, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) said.   

A Wide Fund Gap in Child Protection

A shortfall of nearly 650 million dollar fund in child protection leaves nearly 18 million vulnerable children and caregivers in the world's worst humanitarian crises at risk of violence, exploitation and abuse, said Save the Children.

More than Three Lakh grave violations against children in 18 Years

A staggering 3,15,000 grave violations against children in conflict took place in the last years, said UN Children’s Fund UNICEF. The UN Agency described it as a “stark illustration of the devastating impact of war” on the young.

2022 Saw Most Violence Against Health Workers

Violence against health care workers saw an increase in 2022, considered the most Violent Year in the Last Decade.

18 Million In Ukraine Need Protection

About eighteen Million people in Ukraine are in need of humanitarian aid and protection as the war between Ukraine and Russia entered...

War, Conflict and Unrest; the Year that Passed By

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine created global upheaval, along with war, conflict, and unrest affecting all parts of the world in 2022 with...

Steep Rise in Child Poverty in Central Asia/Eastern Europe

Rising inflation and Russia-Ukraine war have triggered a 19 per cent increase in child poverty across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, said...

16 per cent Children Under 5 Years Killed In Ukraine War

The war between Ukraine and Russia that escalated six months ago has led to the killing of 16 per cent of children...

Peace Declined To Lowest Levels

Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world, a position it has held since 2008, whereas peacefulness across the world declined...