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A Wide Fund Gap in Child Protection

A shortfall of nearly 650 million dollar fund in child protection leaves nearly 18 million vulnerable children and caregivers in the world's worst humanitarian crises at risk of violence, exploitation and abuse, said Save the Children.

More than Three Lakh grave violations against children in 18 Years

A staggering 3,15,000 grave violations against children in conflict took place in the last years, said UN Children’s Fund UNICEF. The UN Agency described it as a “stark illustration of the devastating impact of war” on the young.

2022 Saw Most Violence Against Health Workers

Violence against health care workers saw an increase in 2022, considered the most Violent Year in the Last Decade.

Corporal Punishment; Protection Still Unheard

Only one in seven children the world over are protected by laws against corporal punishment, which is the most common form of violence against children ranging from smacking to more extreme abuse, according to Save the Children.

Two in One die Because of Injury, Violence 

Do you know how many people die due to injuries and vioelnce a day? A new report from the World Health oprganisation...

One in Five Experience Violence , Harassment at Work

More than one in five people experienced violence and harassment at work, whether physical, psychological or sexual, according to a new joint...

More Classified programmes Needed Against Online Violence Against Children

As the world comes under much concern of keeping children safe online, the World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests implementing school-based educational programmes...

Address Root Cause Of Gender Violence For More Food

The world should address the root causes of Gender Based Violence for women to be safer and more likely to have food,...

Violence on TV: Effects Stretch From Age 3 into Teens

Have you ever thought how your kids's watching violence screens in TV can affect them in their future? A new study claims...

Young Ones Exposed To Multiple Gender Violence

Children and young people are exposed to a wide range of gendered violence. However, the phenomenon is poorly understood, which makes helping the victims...