Monday, June 5, 2023
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71% Asian Restaurants in US Serve Chinese, Japanese, Thai Food

Around seven-in-ten of all Asian restaurants in the United States serve Chinese, Japanese and Thai foods. However, restaurants serving other types of Asian food are less widely distributed.

Experience of Being a Mother

In the United States, more women delay motherhood but stay in the labour force after their children are born. Apart from this, working mothers take on more care giving responsibilities at home, than fathers do, revealed a survey by the Pew Research centre.

US see an Increased Deaths by Gunfire

The United States saw an increase in the number of children and teens killed by gunfire, according to an analysis by the...

Ocean Climate Action Plan; The Priorities of US

The United States released its Ocean Climate Action Plan, the first-ever government-wide strategy to maximize the power of the ocean to combat climate change.

Majority US Older People addicted to Food

Whatever food it is, majority of older Americans show an unhealthy relationship with them, according to a new poll.

Chief Economists see Recession in 2023

The world will see a recession in 2023, geopolitical tensions continuing and further monetary tightening in the United States and Europe, according...

If Nothing Done, Great Salt Lake to Disappear in 5 Years

The Great Salt Lake will disappear in as little as five years if nothing is done to immediately conserve water in Utah,...

McLaughlin, First Transgender Executed in US

Amber McLaughlin becomes the first transgender to be executed in the United States for a 2003 murder. The 49...

Weed Intoxicates American Youth More than Alcohol

The American youth now booze less and weed more with adolescent cannabis abuse increased by a whopping 245 percent in the US...

Domesticating Big Cats; US to Curb Private Possession

In a major initiative, the US Senate passed a legislation that will help prevent captive tigers from ending up in the illegal...