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Trust Crisis; Alarming Levels of Mistrust

A quarter of the adults in the United Kingdom express mistrust towards others, which sheds light on the growing crisis of trust within society, according to a latest survey conducted by the University of Oxford.

UK Forests Face ‘Catastrophic Ecosystem Collapse’ Within 50 Years

A study by European experts lists 15 overlooked and emerging issues that have the potential to drastically impact the UK's forests in the next half-century, with 'catastrophic forest ecosystem collapse' leading the concerns.

Incurable Dog Disease Spreads to Humans in the UK –Know More

In a startling development, a dog disease previously believed to be confined to canines has infected three individuals in the United Kingdom. The UK Health Security Agency has confirmed that three Britons have contracted this disease

Eris Variant Spreads Across the UK: makes up one in seven...

The Eris variant, also known as EG.5.1, has emerged as a major concern in the United Kingdom as it now constitutes one in seven new COVID-19 cases, making up 14.6% of the total infections in the country. The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) recently reported that the variant is the second most prevalent in the UK, having gained momentum within a short period.

Westminster Abbey and its Historical Significance

Queen Elizabeth II's funeral took place at Westminster Abbey on September 19, 2022, a historic event attended by thousands.  The funeral is...

English Communities See Dip in life Expectancy

In about ten years, life expectancy of a substantial number of English communities experienced a decline and in five years before the pandemic it...

Happy moments of reintroduction of Large Blue butterflies

It is not just good news for the Britons but for the entire world who love butterflies. An extinct butterfly, the large blue butterflies...