Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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India Contributes 5 % to World’s warming

Despite representing 18% of the global population, India has contributed only 5% to the world's warming. This contrast sheds light on the significant variations in per capita territorial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across nations, said the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) in its Broken Record report.

Emissions Gap Report Reveals Urgent Need for Global Action

In a sobering revelation, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) released the Emissions Gap Report 2023, painting a dire picture of our planet's climate trajectory. With global temperatures and greenhouse gas emissions skyrocketing, the Broken Record report underscores the imperative for immediate and intensified climate action.

Widening Adaptation Finance Gap Amid Growing Climate Risks

Despite escalating climate risks worldwide, the adaptation finance gap has grown and now stands between US$194 billion and US$366 billion per year. This gap is substantially larger, at least 50 percent, than previously estimated, said the Adaptation Gap Report 2023: Underfinanced. Underprepared – Inadequate investment and planning on climate adaptation leaves world exposed.

Adapting Policies Could reduce Plastic Pollution by 80 Per cent

Plastic pollution could reduce by 80 per cent by 2040 if countries and companies make deep policy and market shifts using existing technologies, according to a new report by UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

Reduce Spread of “Superbugs”; UNEP

 About ten million people could die annually by 2050 because of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), said a new report by the UN Environment...

Recognition For restoring South America’s Atlantic Forest

The United Nations recognized an initiative to mend South America’s iconic Atlantic Forest as one of ten pioneering efforts to revive the...

384 billion dollar/year by 2025 Needed to Tackle Climate Change

Climate, biodiversity and land degradation goals will be out of reach unless investments into nature-based solutions reaches about 384 billion dollar/year by...

Go for Sustainable Food Cold Chains to feed more

An estimated 14 percent of the total food produced for human consumption is lost, while 17 per cent is wasted. This is...

COP 27; What to expect?         

As world leaders, heads of business and civil society members arrive on the Egyptian resort town of Sharm El Sheikh on November...

More Funding, Action Implementing Needed Against Climate Crisis; UNEP

As climate impacts intensify across the globe, the efforts in adaptation planning, financing and implementation are not keeping pace with the growing...