Friday, September 22, 2023
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Developing Countries Need Support For Investment in Clean Energy

The world needs to support developing countries in attracting greater investment for their transition to clean energy, according to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

High levels of debt posing major challenge to progress

About one in three countries worldwide is at high risk of a fiscal crisis, with developing countries facing the greatest burden of debt.

PCI Revolutionizes Economic Measurement and Policy Development

Countries can now make more accurate diagnostics and measurements of their economic performance, thanks to UNCTAD’s Productive Capacities Index (PCI) launched on June 20.



Global Trade Stagnate But Green Goods Grow

Despite global trade set to stagnate in the first half of 2023, the silver lining is with respect to the strong performance of trade in “green goods”, whose growth held strong throughout the year,

Green Tech: Time For Decisive Action And Not to Miss Benefits

Several of the developing countries may miss out on the benefits of “green tech” revolution unless governments and the international community take...

Black Sea Grain; Food Cost came Down But Still At All...

Despite the Black Sea Grain Initiative helped to bring down the cost of food, stabilize global markets and keep them open, the...

Food Price Increase; Dual Challenge for Developing Countries

The price of food has increased everywhere, reaching historic levels in 2022, which poses a big challenge for food importing developing countries...

Global Trade Growth turns ‘Negative’; UNCTAD 

Global trade is set to reach almost 32 trillion dollar in 2022, but inflation has reversed some of the gains made in...

More Investment in Maritime Supply Chain Needed to Overcomne Future Crisis

COVID-19, Ukraine war, climate change and geopolitics wreaking havoc on maritime transport and logistics, an increased investment in maritime supply chains is...