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One Million Deaths by 2035 from Tuberculosis

The UN health innovation initiative Unitaid issued a warning, emphasizing that the failure to implement tuberculosis contact tracing and prevention measures could result in nearly one million deaths by 2035.

Alarming Rise in TB Patients Among prisoners

The prisons across the globe reveal an alarming high tuberculosis (TB) rates and low case detection, according to a recent study claimed to be the first global assessment of TB among incarcerated individuals

India Carries Highest Tuberculosis Burden

The recent World Health Organisation report has stated that the number of people infected with tuberculosis, including the kind resistant to drugs...

World Sees a Rise in Tuberculosis Death During Covid 19

The death and infection rate of Tuberculosis (TB) rose during the COVID-19 pandemic, which have a damaging impact on access to TB...

HIV, Malaria deaths to see a rapid increase with Covid 19

Poor and Middle Income countries will see more deaths from HIV, malaria and tuberculosis with coronavirus pandemic already disrupting the health services in these...

TB diagnose to be cheaper

The diagnosis and testing of Tuberculosis is still out of reach of many people, especially in the rural region because of the complications involved...