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Mammalapuram Leads India’s Green Energy Revolution

Discover how the historic Shore Temple in Mamallapuram achieves India's first Green Energy Archaeological Site status through innovative initiatives, blending heritage conservation with sustainable practices.

NASA X-59: Pioneering Supersonic Aircraft for Quieter Air Travel

NASA and Lockheed Martin debut the X-59, a groundbreaking supersonic aircraft aimed at revolutionizing air travel. The experimental plane, part of NASA's Quesst mission, seeks to gather data for reconsidering regulations on commercial supersonic flight over land. The X-59 promises to fly at 1.4 times the speed of sound, generating a quieter sonic thump, potentially paving the way for a new era of faster and quieter commercial aircraft.

Iringole Kavu Bhagavathy Temple: Where Myth Meets Mystique

Explore the enigmatic Iringole Kavu Bhagavathy Temple, nestled 35 km from Ernakulam in Central Kerala. Discover the myths, respect the serenity, and unravel the history of this ancient forest sanctuary."

Ayiramthengu Mangroves: A Nature Lover’s Oasis

Explore Ayiramthengu, a mangrove sanctuary near Oachira, Kollam district. Dive into biodiversity, witness unique mangrove varieties, and experience an aquatic wonderland

Kodagu; Nature’s Symphony Meets Timeless Culture

Unveil Kodagu’s mesmerizing allure – a haven of nature's beauty intertwined with Kodava traditions. Dive into coffee plantations, wildlife, and heritage sites in this South Indian gem

Ayodhya; Rising Tourism Ahead of Ram Temple Consecration

As Ayodhya prepares for the consecration of the Ram temple, a tourism surge is witnessed, with figures skyrocketing each year. The rising footfall not only marks a pilgrimage but also an economic boon, with experts estimating an additional business of Rs 50,000 crore

Poonjar Palace: A Timeless Marvel in Cultural Tapestry

Explore the enchanting Poonjar Palace in Kottayam, Kerala, a masterpiece showcasing the rich heritage of the region. Built over 600 years ago, the palace boasts exquisite architecture, wooden craftsmanship, and a fascinating collection of ancient artefacts, providing a glimpse into Kerala's regal past

Vavarambalam: A Symbol of Communal Harmony on the Pilgrim Path

Discover the remarkable tale of Vavarambalam, a mosque in Kerala's Kottayam district that epitomizes communal harmony. Serving as a place of reverence for Hindu pilgrims en route to Sabarimala, Vavarambalam is a shining example of unity, where devotees from diverse backgrounds come together in devotion."

World Tourism to reach 90% by 2023 End

The world tourism is showing a staggering 90% recovery anticipated by the year's end, marking a significant rebound from the pandemic-induced downturn, said the recent statistics by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Embrace Snow-Covered Splendour of India’s December Destinations

December unfolds a picturesque canvas draped in snow, inviting cherished moments with loved ones amid stunning landscapes. It's a season that beckons idyllic retreats, weaving warmth, laughter, and unforgettable memories.