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Rising Smoking Age to 22: A Bold Step to Curb Addiction

Researchers urge governments worldwide to consider raising the legal age for purchasing cigarettes to 22 years or older as a study suggest that as individuals mature, the addictive grip of smoking weakens, making quitting a more achievable feat.

71% Protected by Tobacco Control Measures, Smoking Rates Decline

About 5.6 billion people or 71 per cent of the world population are protected by at least one best practice policy to combat the deadly effects of tobacco, noted a World Health Organisation report.

Quit Smoking for better Mental Health

If you are a smoker and feel you are at a loss of memory, better quit smoking. A new study shows quitting smoking improves mental health outcomes among people with and without mental health disorders.

World No Tobacco Day 2023;

World No Tobacco Day is observed every year on May 31 across the world. This day aims to raise awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco use

Tobacco consumption, a major public health problem

Tobacco use is linked to various health problems including cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory disorders and reproductive issues. The harmful effects of tobacco are due to the many toxic chemicals it contains including tar, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde, among others. These chemicals can cause damage to the lungs, heart and other organs and can lead to the development of chronic diseases.

Grow Food and Not Tobacco; WHO

With hunger spreading worldwide and tobacco responsible for eight million deaths each year, countries should stop subsidizing tobacco crops and help farmers grow food, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

Four Harmful Producing Industries Account for One third Global Deaths

Industries producing just four harmful products – tobacco, alcohol, unhealthy food, and fossil fuels – account for at least a third of global deaths, illustrating the scale and huge economic cost of the problem, according to Lancet.

Children Adicted to Television at higher Risk of Tobacco Use

Children who are much exposed to television viewing are at a higher risk of tobacco use and gambling disorders in adulthood, said...

Less people tried to Stop Smoking During COVID-19

Some say that smoking reduced in the United States because of Covid 19. And some others say that it is not true....

Are Children Curious of Alcohol?

Do you known that children are much curious about liquor and tobacco, more than one might have thought. A recent study by...