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Unlocking Tax Potential: Path to Financing Devp, Climate Transition

Emerging markets and developing economies face the daunting challenge of securing $3 trillion annually through 2030 to meet their development goals and address the climate transition. This amounts to roughly 7% of their combined 2022 gross domestic product (GDP), creating a significant hurdle, especially for low-income countries, according to IMF.

Millionaires, Economists, Politicians Urge G20 to Tax Super-Rich

In an era where extreme wealth has reached unprecedented heights, a coalition of millionaires, esteemed economists, and influential politicians is urging the...

Tax the Rich for Equal, Sustainable Future For Everyone

The richest in the world, who only form one percent, grabbed nearly two-thirds of all new wealth worth $42 trillion created since...

No more tax on taking selfies in Goan village

Scenic village of Parra, in North Goa, has been always a hot pick for tourists especially for capturing the enticing nature. With many films...