Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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UNESCO Urges Approp Use of Tech in Education

Highlighting the lack of appropriate governance and regulation in the use of technology in education, the UNESCO issued an urgent call for its responsible and equitable implementation. In its 2023 Global Education Monitoring Report, UNESCO highlights the need for proper governance and regulation to ensure technology complements, rather than replaces in person, traditional teacher-led instruction.

Hunched Back, Second Eyelid Could be features of Humans in Future

Hunched back, clawed hands and second eyelids could be the common features of humans in the future, as human beings become more...

Digital Devices Help in Improving Memory

Most of the parents are much worried about their children using smart phones as they often find them addicted to the digital...

Smartphone can  tell you how much you are drunk

 If you are drunk, there is no need to worry as a new Smartphone can tell you if you had too much drink or...

Parenting harder now than used to be 20 years ago

Parenting has never been an easy task and has become harder with the advent of smart phones and social media. Two thirds of the...

Smart phone usage can be an addiction like drug use

Smart phones have become more than a necessity and people tend to overuse it, unaware of its dangers. If a latest study is an...