Friday, December 1, 2023
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Elephants Display Remarkable Problem-Solving Skills

Elephants, the largest land animals with brains exceeding 250 billion neurons, have once again demonstrated their remarkable intelligence, showcasing their problem-solving prowess. In a study published in Animal Behaviour, wild elephants at Thailand's Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary have been observed unlocking puzzle boxes to access a tantalizing reward of jackfruit.

JP Morgan commits $25 million for skill development in India

J.P. Morgan, leading global financial firm, will help India develop the skills for its workforce with a commitment of USD 25 million over the...

WPP Foundation joins hands with school to promote skills

WPP Foundation, the CSR entity of WPP in India, joined Shree Ram Welfare Society’s High School in Mumbai to organise Hastakala 2019, an annual...
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