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Unearthing Permaculture: A Critical Perspective on Soil Regeneration

In the dialogue concerning environmental preservation, attention often gravitates toward issues like air quality, water pollution, and the encroachment of human-centric developments. Yet, lurking beneath our consciousness is a neglected victim – the soil. Vital for our sustenance, soil has silently weathered decades of degradation due to widespread use of harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. It is here where permaculture comes into play.

Yoga Approach for Lung Detoxification

Yoga provides a gentle yet potent method to cleanse and protect our lungs, ensuring they continue their vital work for years.

Plastic Pollution: A Burden on Low-Income Countries

Despite consuming significantly less plastic per capita, low income countries face costs up to 10 times higher than high-income countries, according to a latest report commissioned by WWF.

Addressing Methane Emissions in Agriculture

Methane emissions have emerged as a potent contributor to the climate crisis, prompting a growing interest in mitigating these emissions within crucial agricultural sectors.

Marine Pollution; Shipwrecks at Risk of Spilling 6 Billion Gallon Oil

Marine pollution from sunken vessels is predicted to reach its highest level this decade, with over 8,500 shipwrecks at risk of leaking approximately 6 billion gallons of oil, according to International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

3 Year Air Pollution Increase Risk of Cancer

In a major study, researchers said that three years of exposure to air pollution increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

Air Pollution Adds to Bone Fragility

Air pollution is closely linked to bones. A new study shows that air pollution could make the bone more fragile, which leads...

Four Degree Increase in Plant Emissions/Dust adds to 14 % increased...

In a new study, the researchers revealed that when global temperatures increase by four degrees Celsius, harmful plant emissions and dust will...

EU Commission Euro 7; What It Means?

For meeting the European Green Deal's zero-pollution ambition, the European Commission has come up with a proposal (Euro 7) to reduce air pollution...

Extreme heat and air pollution Leads To More Deaths

Heat waves andair pollution are harmful but when they combine together, they are more deadly, according to a latest study by researchers...