Monday, December 4, 2023
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Genetically Modified Bacteria Tackle Plastic Pollution

In a groundbreaking development, scientists have genetically modified a marine microorganism with the capability to break down polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic in...

Warming and Oxygen Loss in Rivers Outpacing Oceans

Rivers are warming and losing oxygen faster than oceans, according to a Penn State-led study published today (Sept. 14) in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Climate Change Alters Ocean’s Colour

Scientists from MIT and the National Oceanography Centre, among others, have detected significant changes in the colour of the world's oceans over the past two decades.



Ocean Climate Action Plan; The Priorities of US

The United States released its Ocean Climate Action Plan, the first-ever government-wide strategy to maximize the power of the ocean to combat climate change.

Heating Ocean Hard to Remove Atmosphere CO2

The heating of waters in the ocean due to climate warming has led to a slowdown of deep circulation patterns in the...

Unknown Creatures Unearthed Deep Down in Sea

The depths of oceans are still a mystery and holds species that are yet to be discovered. For the researchers, it is...

Greenhouse Gas Concentrations, Sea Level Rise Hits Record High

Greenhouse gas concentrations, global sea levels and ocean heat content hit new highs in 2021, which showed that climate change keeps surging...

Investing More For Restoring Dying Oceans

What are the four suggestions put forth by the UN for saving the Oceans? Urging the international community to commit and unite...

Who Are Responsible For Most Oil Slicks?  

What leads to most oil slicks? Well, human beings are responsible for the most oils slicks. A group of researchers from the...