Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Hijab In Operation Theatres; Renewed Discussion

Seven medical students at Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, have sparked a renewed discussion regarding hijab on campus. In a letter to the principal, they propose ways to reconcile their commitment to hijab norms with their responsibilities in surgical duties. Some believe the college should accommodate the students' religious practices. However, the medical fraternity argue that the students should adhere to the existing rules and regulations of operation theatres. They opine that medical students should refrain from wearing hijab or any attire that may compromise patient safety and hygiene.

Obama remark; balance between religious freedom, social harmony

Former US President Barack Obama’s remarks on Muslims in India at the time Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States evoked mixed response from the political arena.

Head Coverings Worn By Most Women, Including Six-In-Ten Hindus.

India has seen protests in the name of Muslim headscarves in schools in recent weeks after the controversy kicked up a row in the...

Muslims In India Have Higher Fertility Rates

Muslims in India have higher fertility rates than other religious groups, but they also experienced the sharpest decline in fertility in recent decades, according...

Muslim, A Growing Presence in US, But still Face Negative Views

The Muslim population in the United States have grown in the last two decades but still many of the Americans know a little about...

Indians Value Much Religious Tolerance

Indians, though continue with religiously segregated lives, value religious tolerance, respect other religions, according to a new report from PEW Research Centre. In the survey...

Hindus form majority of older population

The majority of older adults in India belong to the Hindu religion, followed by Muslim, Christian and Sikh religions, according to a new study....