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How Cleaner Air Can Save the Himalayas

Explore the profound impact of reduced air pollution on the Himalayan glaciers during the COVID-19 lockdown. Uncover the link between cleaner air, reduced snowmelt, and the potential salvation of vital water resources for billions in Asia.

Trapped Himalayan Tunnel Workers and Rat Miners

In a race against time, rescue operations for 41 construction workers trapped in a tunnel in the Uttarakhand have taken a unique turn. Facing challenges with machinery, rescuers introduced "rat miners" to manually drill through a narrow pipe in a bid to expedite the evacuation process. The workers have been stranded since November 12 when a section of the under-construction highway tunnel collapsed, possibly due to a landslide.

Non-uniformity of Himalayas trigger major tremors

Scientists in India found that Himalayas are not uniform and assume different physical and mechanical properties (a property present in crystals called anisotropy) in...