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Lifestyle Choices for Early Heart Disease Prevention

In the fast-paced world of modern corporate life, heart disease can be an invisible but formidable adversary. Many young professionals may not realize the lurking threat to their cardiovascular health. However, for those navigating the demanding landscape of contemporary jobs, taking proactive measures for heart disease prevention is not just a medical concern; it's an urgent call to arms.

Daily Dark Tea Lowers Diabetes Risk

Drinking dark tea daily may be beneficial in reducing the risk and progression of type 2 diabetes by improving blood sugar control, according to a recent study.

Lower Blood Pressure with Indian Spices

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a global health concern affecting millions of individuals. While lifestyle adjustments like diet and exercise are pivotal, incorporating specific Indian spices into your daily regimen can provide an additional layer of support. In this article, we delve into three potent Indian spices celebrated for their ability to manage high blood pressure and enhance overall cardiovascular health.

Weather, Pollution Synergy Double Heart Attack Risk

Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and severe, and their impact on human health is a growing concern. In addition, fine particulate pollution in the air is a global environmental issue. A recent study published in the American Heart Association's flagship journal, Circulation, reveals that the confluence of extreme heat and high levels of fine particulate pollution may double the risk of death from heart attacks.

Six Key Foods for Lower Cardiovascular Disease

A study led by McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences highlights the importance of consuming a combination of six key foods to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, fish, and whole-fat dairy products were found to be crucial in preventing heart attacks and strokes. The research, conducted globally, emphasizes the significance of a healthy diet and offers various options to achieve it.

Smoking Leads To Thicker, Weaker Heart

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By 2060, Americans Projected At Higher Cardio Risk

What about the risk of cardiovascular diseases among the Americans in the coming years? A new study projects that the rate of...

Is Death of Shane Warne A reminder For heart Check?

Is the passing away of cricket legend Shane Warne is a reminder to check your heart health? Shane Warne, the spin wizard, died at...

 Eating vegetables does not lower risk of cardiovascular disease: study

Taking sufficient vegetables helps in maintaining a balanced diet and also in avoiding a wide range of diseases. However, a new study questions if...

Scientists Break Barriers To Treat Heart Failure

New technology that could radically improve the outlook for patients with serious heart conditions has been developed by scientists at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute...