Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Hypertension Crisis: 4 in 5 Inadequately Treated

In a shocking report, the World Health Organisation revealed that four out of every people with hypertension are not receiving adequate treatment....

DeepMind AlphaMissense: Accelerating Disease Gene Discovery

In a groundbreaking development, DeepMind, the AI firm under Google's umbrella, has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to pinpoint alterations in human DNA linked to various diseases. Initially recognized for its AI programs conquering complex games, such as Go, DeepMind ventured into the realm of medicine with AlphaFold, an AI program renowned for accurately predicting protein structures, a formidable challenge in the field of biology.

Incurable Dog Disease Spreads to Humans in the UK –Know More

In a startling development, a dog disease previously believed to be confined to canines has infected three individuals in the United Kingdom. The UK Health Security Agency has confirmed that three Britons have contracted this disease

Almonds: The Surprising Ally in Weight Loss and Heart Health

When it comes to weight loss, nuts can get a bad rap – while they’re high in protein, they’re also high in fats, and this often deters those looking to shed a few kilos. However, a latest study discovered that incorporating almonds into a low diet not only helped participants lose weight but also improved their cardio metabolic health.

Two Short Naps Beat One Long Nap, Says Study

In a groundbreaking study, researchers concluded that two naps are more effective than a single long nap, with a 90-minute rest followed by a quick 30-minute nap.

Exercise; Potential Guardian Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's disease poses a significant threat to quality of life, and while a definitive cure remains elusive, researchers are actively seeking ways to mitigate its symptoms and explore preventive measures. A recent study by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)-led research team, sheds light on the potential role of exercise in preventing Alzheimer's disease through the production of a hormone called irisin.

Unhealthy Snacking Habits Put Health at Risk

About 25 percent of people are negating the benefits of nutritious meals by indulging in detrimental snacks, significantly impacting their blood sugar...

Living in Impoverished Neighbourhood Affects Brain Function

Discouragement of physical activity, low food quality, and increased consumption of calories from trans-fatty acids, which are often prevalent in disadvantaged neighbourhood, can disrupt the brain's ability to process information flexibly, according to a latest study.

Farmer Behavior in Managing Livestock Diseases

Farmer behavior, especially vaccine uptake or other preventative measures, is critical to how effective responses are to livestock disease outbreaks,

Lying Down for Blood Pressure Measurement Could Improve Accuracy

A recent study presented at the American Heart Association's Hypertension Scientific Sessions 2023 in Boston suggests that lying down while getting your blood pressure taken may lead to more accurate readings, particularly for people with high blood pressure. These preliminary findings could potentially help in predicting future stroke, heart issues, and mortality.