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2022: Second-Worst Year for European Wildfires

2022 marked a devastating year for wildfires in the EU, with close to 900,000 hectares of land scorched, equivalent to the size of Corsica, according to a recent report by the Commission's Joint Research Centre reveals that this year ranks as the second-worst in recorded history, with the most severe year being 2017, witnessing 1.3 million hectares of land burnt.

Low-Intensity Fires as Guardians Against Catastrophic Wildfires

Amidst the ongoing reevaluation of the U.S. Forest Service's wildfire strategy, groundbreaking research reveals the transformative power of low-intensity burning in curbing the risk of devastating fires for extended periods. This study, published in Science Advances, provides a robust quantification of the value of controlled and prescribed fires, shedding light on their protective effects and influencing future wildfire management strategies.

Forest Fire Consumes Area Almost Three National parks

Nearly 36,000 square miles of Forest worldwide were lost to fires in 2021, which is equivalent to nearly three times that of...