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Europeans Emphasize the Vitality of Animal Welfare

The welfare of animals is a cause dear to the hearts of Europeans, as highlighted by the recent Eurobarometer survey. For over four decades, the European Commission has tirelessly strived to enhance animal welfare, progressively setting global standards through legislative improvements. The survey not only underscores the significance of animal welfare but also reaffirms its pivotal role in the lives of citizens across the EU.

EU Mandates 70% Green Jet Fuels at Airports by 2050

In a significant move toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have given their approval to new legislation aimed at increasing the use of sustainable jet fuels in the EU. This legislation is part of the broader "Fit for 55 package," which seeks to reduce emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels and make the EU climate-neutral by 2050. The focus is on encouraging the aviation sector to adopt eco-friendly fuels to curb emissions.

Financial Struggles Plague Europeans as Inflation Takes Its Toll

In 2023, the financial situation for many Europeans continues to be a cause for concern. A recent survey reveals that more than half of Europeans (55%) believe that their purchasing power has declined over the past three years, with countries like Greece (64%), Serbia (63%), and France (60%) feeling the impact most acutely.

Repatriation of Migrants in the EU: 1,41,060 Denied Entry in 2022

Repatriation of migrants to their countries of origin, is a complex issue in the European Union (EU). In 2022, significant numbers of migrants faced entry refusal and return decisions due to visa or residency permit issues, prompting the EU to explore streamlined asylum procedures and voluntary return initiatives.

EU Energy Poverty: Call for Strong Political Will

Learn about the concerning rise in energy poverty affecting approximately 42 million people in the EU. Discover the European Economic and Social Committee's (EESC) proposed strategies, including inflation control, renewables, energy efficiency, and equitable access to essential energy services.

Artificial Intelligence; A Step Closer To First Rules

To ensure a human-centric and ethical development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Europe, Members of the European Parliament reached a deal last week on the new draft of the European Union’s ambitious Artificial Intelligence Act, first drafted two years ago.

Russian Tactical Nuclear Weapons to Belarus; What it means?

Russia on March 27, 2023,said it would not change its plans of deploying tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, the neighbouringcountry and a key ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin despite the growing criticisms globally. Two days ago,Putin had declared that his country would stationsome of the tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Almost All Europeans Worried of Rising Cost of Living

About 93 per cent of the Europeans are worried of rising cost of living even as 82 per cent fear for the...

Trafficking in human beings: EU for stronger rules

With thousands of people becoming victims of human trafficking in the European Union every year, the EU Commission has proposed strengthening the...

EU’s Deforestation- Free Law

In a bid to fight climate change and biodiversity loss, the European Parliament struck a deal with the Member countries on a...
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