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Evolving Landscape of Indian Student Mobility in 2023

In the unfolding narrative of 2023, the trajectory of outbound student mobility from India has undergone a significant transformation. Notably, the UK and the US have garnered increased shares of Indian students, while Australia has witnessed remarkable growth in Indian enrolments compared to the previous year.

Climate Crisis Threatens Girls’ Education Globally

Extreme weather events, damaged school infrastructure threatens girls' access to quality education with repercussions extending beyond immediate schooling challenges, said a new report from Plan International. The latest report, “Climate Change and Girls’ Education: Barriers, Gender Norms and Pathways to Resilience,” shows the dire consequences of the climate crisis on girls’ education in West Africa, South and Central America, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia.

APAAR; One Nation One Student Card

India is planning to introduce an "Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry" (APAAR) ID for all school students, both in government and private schools, as part of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. Here's an overview of what the APAAR ID is and how it will work:

Replacing ‘India’ with ‘Bharat’ in School Textbooks

A high-level committee for social sciences, formed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) to revise the school curriculum, has recommended the replacement of "India" with "Bharat" in textbooks for all classes. The panel's suggestions, which also include introducing "classical history" instead of "ancient history" in the curriculum and incorporating the Indian Knowledge System (IKS) into all subjects, have been shared with the education ministry.

69 Million Teachers Needed To Reach Universal Basic Education

As the world races towards achieving universal basic education by 2030, a glaring deficit of 69 million teachers looms large on the...

Indigenous Children at High Risk of Child Labour

Children from indigenous communities face a significant risk of child labour and often don’t have access to education, according to a recent analysis by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

250 Million Children Worldwide Deprived of Education

New figures released on Monday by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have revealed a troubling reality - the number of children worldwide who are deprived of any form of education has reached a staggering 250 million. This marks an increase of six million children compared to previous data, and it is a deeply concerning trend.

Negative Impact of English Language on Non-Native Speakers

In an era where English is increasingly utilized as a global language of instruction, known as EMI, concerns arise regarding its impact...

Over Half of Refugee Children Worldwide Miss Out on Education

More than half of the world’s 14.8 million school-aged refugee children are currently missing out on formal education,

Education: Singapore Ranks Highest, Hungary Lowest in Satisfaction

One in three (33%) describe the education system in their country as good, with 36% describing it as poor, according to a latest survey by IPSOS.