Friday, September 22, 2023
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Secrets of Societal Resilience in Environmental Shocks

In today's world, we find ourselves in the midst of a global crisis convergence, where a multitude of threats intersect and challenge our collective resilience. From the pressing issues of climate change and economic inequality to the divisive specter of political polarization, these challenges seem insurmountable. However, history shows that societies have faced and sometimes overcome such threats before. Today, we have a unique advantage: knowledge. This knowledge is not just a rehash of past events but is obtained through new methods and data.

Unlocking Tax Potential: Path to Financing Devp, Climate Transition

Emerging markets and developing economies face the daunting challenge of securing $3 trillion annually through 2030 to meet their development goals and address the climate transition. This amounts to roughly 7% of their combined 2022 gross domestic product (GDP), creating a significant hurdle, especially for low-income countries, according to IMF.

Anticipation Grows as World Gears Up for Climate Ambition Summit

The world is at a pivotal moment in the fight to protect our planet, and the momentum is about to reach new...

Diverse Seedlings Hold Key to Accelerating Tropical Forest Restoration

A groundbreaking ecological experiment led by the University of Oxford on Borneo Island demonstrates the remarkable potential of replanting logged tropical forests with diverse seedlings in expediting their recovery. Published in the journal Science Advances, the study underscores the significance of biodiversity preservation in pristine forests and its restoration in recovering logged forests.

The Planet is Off-Track from Meeting Climate Goals

Only 15% of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are on track at the half-time point of the 2030 agenda

Extreme Weather Events Linked to Surge in Child Marriages

Among the negative impacts of extreme weather events around the world is one that most people may not think of: an increase in child marriages.

Climate Change Impacts Pathogen Prevalence in Birds and Bats

Climate Change Impacts Pathogen Prevalence in Birds and Bats

Sands of Change: Global Marine Extraction Threatens Biodiversity

In a concerning revelation, the marine dredging industry is extracting a staggering six billion tons of sand annually, equivalent to over 1 million dump trucks' worth per day. This massive extraction of sand and other sediments is exerting tremendous pressure on marine life and ecosystems, with far-reaching consequences for biodiversity and coastal communities.

Widespread Species Shrinkage, with Fish among Most Affected

In a sweeping global analysis encompassing thousands of animal and plant species, a concerning trend has emerged: species across the board are shrinking in size. Researchers have pinpointed this phenomenon most prominently in fish, which are undergoing significant reductions in size.

Dimming the Sun Alone Won’t Save Antarctica

Risky measures, such as dimming the Sun, may not be sufficient to save Antarctica. The only remaining solution is one we have...