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Climate Action: Willingness to Invest in a Sustainable Future

Groundbreaking research published in Nature Climate Change unveils the remarkable global consensus on climate action, with 69% of the world's population ready to contribute financially. Explore the study's findings, implications, and potential strategies for leveraging public support to combat climate change.

Heat waves in India to increase Mortality

Explore the findings of a comprehensive study on the association between heat waves and all-cause mortality in India, revealing significant health risks posed by rising temperatures due to climate change

Greenland ‘s Changing Landscape: Impact of Glacier Retreat

Explore the dynamic transformations occurring in Greenland, from glacier shrinkage and expansion of glacier-fed lakes to the widening of rivers and expansion of vegetation cover. This article delves into the implications of these changes on the Arctic ecosystem and the accelerating effects of climate change

Polar Bears at Risk: Study Highlights Climate Change Impact

New research warns that polar bears are at greater risk of extinction as climate change prolongs Arctic summers, reducing their access to vital sea ice and prey. The study highlights the urgent need for conservation efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate warming on polar bear populations.

Decarbonising Defence Operations for Climate Mitigation

Explore the pivotal role of military emissions in climate change and the imperative for defence agencies to prioritize decarbonisation efforts, offering actionable recommendations for a sustainable future.

NASA ‘s  PACE Satellite to Study Ocean Health, Climate Change

NASA ' s PACE satellite successfully launches, aiming to study ocean health, air quality, and climate change impacts. The mission promises invaluable insights into Earth's ecosystems and climate dynamics.

Climate Change Could Spark Intense Hurricanes

As the planet heats up, scientists warn of a terrifying consequence: the emergence of unprecedentedly powerful hurricanes, so extreme that they defy current classification systems. This looming threat has prompted experts to advocate for the inclusion of a new category, Category 6, on the Saffir-Simpson Windscale.

Global Temperature Already Surpassed Of 1.5°C

Dive into the revelation of past ocean temperatures and the urgent call for climate action to curb global warming.

Trees Struggle to Offset Carbon as Climate Warms

A groundbreaking study reveals that trees, our frontline warriors against carbon, are losing the battle in warmer, drier climates. As the planet heats up, the intricate dance between trees and carbon becomes a crucial factor in shaping our climate future.

How Climate Change Fuels diarrhoea

Uncover the hidden danger as climate change escalates the spread of campylobacteriosis, a bacterial infection causing diarrhoea. Explore the alarming findings from the University of Surrey, shedding light on the intricate relationship between weather patterns and the rise of this public health threat