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Climate Change Driven Heat waves Worsen Air Quality, Health

Climate change is increasing the intensity and frequency of heat waves. This extreme heat, compounded by wildfires and desert dust, is having a measurable impact on air quality, human health and the environment, according to a new report from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Transformation of Thar Desert into Green Oasis by Century’s End

India's Thar Desert, renowned for its parched expanses, might undergo a remarkable transformation due to the impact of climate change, as suggested...

Ancient Pathogens from Melting Ice Pose Ecological Risks

As climate change continues to accelerate, the melting of ice and permafrost likely would release long-dormant pathogens trapped for thousands of years. This phenomenon poses a significant risk to global ecosystems and potentially to humanity itself. A recent global study conducted by Dr. Giovanni Strona from the European Commission Joint Research Centre and Professor Corey Bradshaw from Flinders University has shed light on the ecological dangers posed by the emergence of these ancient microbes.

Climate change impacts increasing in Asia

The World Meteorological Office (WMO) has released a report stating that Asia is experiencing higher-than-average warming and increasing climate change impacts. Floods, storms, droughts, and severe dust storms have caused significant loss of life, damage, and economic losses in the region. The report emphasizes the urgent need for transformative adaptation and strengthening food system resilience to combat these challenges.

Global Warming and Dengue Infections

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently sounded an alarm about the potential surge in dengue infections worldwide due to global warming's impact. As temperatures rise, precipitation increases, and droughts become more extended, the risk of dengue outbreaks intensifies.

Underground Climate Change: A Silent Hazard

: A groundbreaking study by North-western University reveals the link between underground climate change and the shifting ground beneath urban areas. Rising temperatures cause ground deformation, posing risks to building foundations and long-term infrastructure durability. However, the study also presents an opportunity to harness underground waste heat for thermal energy. The findings highlight the need for urban planners to address this issue and incorporate geothermal technologies and thermal insulation in future infrastructure designs.

Rainforests, the Size of Switzerland Destroyed

Earth lost a significant area of carbon-absorbing rainforests, with an area larger than Switzerland or the Netherlands destroyed, primarily for cattle ranching and commodity crops. This information comes from an analysis of satellite data released by the World Resources Institute.

An increased farmer Suicide in India

India is seeing an increase in the number of suicides by farmers due to drought, according to an analysis from IIED. The IIED also stated that the findings were a warning for the worldwide agricultural sector, which is on the frontlines of the increasing impacts of climate change.

El Nino in Few Months; World To Get Warmer   

The United Nations warned of a growing likelihood of El Niño to develop in coming months, fuelling higher global temperatures and possibly new heat records.

Ten Countries At Most Climate Risk

Climate change is causing new humanitarian crises and accelerating existing ones in vulnerable communities around the world. Which countries are at most risk of climate disaster? A new analysis International Rescue Committee (IRC) shows that ten countries are at most risk.