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East Asian, Pacific Children – Most Exposed to Climate Change

More than any other region, children in the East Asia and Pacific region are highly exposed to climate related disasters, according to the latest UNICEF regional report.

Conflict Leads to Hunger for 85 % People

Conflict and violence threatens food security for 85 per cent of 258 million people in 58 countries, according to a new Action Against Hunger report.

Overweight Boys At Risk For Infertility

Overweight boys tend to have lower testicular volume, putting them at risk for infertility in adulthood, according to a new study.

One pregnant woman or new-born dies every 7 seconds

Global progress in reducing the premature deaths of pregnant women, mothers and babies, has flatlined for eight years because of decreasing investments in maternal and newborn health, according to UN World Health Organization (WHO) report, published on May 9.

Eight Interventions to Prevent Stillbirths    

An estimated 5,66,000 stillbirths and 5.2 million babies a year could be prevented from being born preterm if eight low-cost and easily implementable proven interventions for pregnant women are carried out in 81 low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Official End to Covid 19 Health Emergency Adds to priorities of...

Children, whose lives went upside down during the time of Covid 19, should get greater priority now with the World Health Organisation...

Corporal Punishment; Protection Still Unheard

Only one in seven children the world over are protected by laws against corporal punishment, which is the most common form of violence against children ranging from smacking to more extreme abuse, according to Save the Children.

US see an Increased Deaths by Gunfire

The United States saw an increase in the number of children and teens killed by gunfire, according to an analysis by the...

Two of Five Ukraine Families Struggling               

Two out of five families in Ukraine are in extreme need of livelihoods and basic items with the country now experiencing unprecedented...

ICC Issues Arrest Warrant For Putin

The International Court of Justice (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin of Russia on March 17, in connection with...