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Living in Impoverished Neighbourhood Affects Brain Function

Discouragement of physical activity, low food quality, and increased consumption of calories from trans-fatty acids, which are often prevalent in disadvantaged neighbourhood, can disrupt the brain's ability to process information flexibly, according to a latest study.

Kundalini Yoga; Improving Brain Health for Older Women

A recent study conducted by UCLA Health suggests that Kundalini yoga, a form of yoga focusing on breathing, meditation, and mental visualization, may offer benefits to older women at risk of Alzheimer's disease. The research, led by Dr. Helen Lavretsky at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behaviour, found that Kundalini yoga increased brain connectivity in areas impacted by stress and associated with memory decline. These findings add to the growing evidence supporting the potential positive impact of yoga on brain health.

Past Climate Change And Brain

A new study sheds light into a correlation between past climate changes and a reduction in the size of the human brain. In the new study, cognitive scientist Jeff Morgan Stibel analyzed climate records and human remains spanning a 50,000-year period to explore how humans have developed and adapted in response to environmental stress.

Obesity Impairs Brain’s Ability To Detect Fullness

A recent study conducted by researchers in the Netherlands and the US has found that obesity impairs the brain's ability to detect fullness and feel satisfied after consuming sugar and fat.

Exercise Intensively for 6 Minutes and Boost Your Brain

A few minutes, well, just six minutes of intensive exercise, is enough to boost the brain functioning and memory, according to a...

Waking 100 times at Sleep; Don’t get surprised

How often do you awake at night or how often your brain is awakened at sleep? A recent study shows that the...

Be In Your Thoughts And Enjoy

Most of the time, people consistently underestimate how much they would enjoy spending time alone with their own thoughts, without anything to...

Spike In Brain Diseases Post Covid

Covid pandemic has significantly impacted the incidence of various brain diseases in India and its full effects are going to be visible...

How Socioeconomics is Linked To Brain?

In a major development, a group of researchers have linked how environment, genetics and socioeconomic status influence brain function.

Toxic Particles Get Directly To Brain

The toxic particles that we breathe in through polluted air directly gets into the brain from the lungs, according to a new...