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Obesity Likely to lead to Blood Cancer

New research in Blood Advances reveals a 73% higher likelihood of monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) in obese individuals, a precursor to multiple myeloma. Explore the study's insights into lifestyle factors and their impact, prompting a reevaluation of health strategies

Reduced Blood Lead Levels Linked to Cardio Issues in American Indians

A decade-long study reveals substantial cardiovascular benefits for American Indian adults with reduced blood lead levels, showcasing the positive impact of public health measures. The research, supported by NIH, underscores the significance of addressing environmental factors in safeguarding heart health

Boost Haemoglobin Levels with Nutrient-Packed Foods

Low haemoglobin levels in your blood can lead to a variety of health issues. Haemoglobin, which contains iron, plays a vital role in oxygen transport within the body. When haemoglobin is deficient, it can result in conditions like anaemia, causing fatigue, weakness, and shortness of breath. It's worth noting that haemoglobin deficiency is more prevalent in women, often linked to factors like menstrual bleeding. However, dietary choices can significantly impact haemoglobin levels.

Self-repairing Artificial Blood Vessels 

Artificial blood vessels that can self-repair are a promising new development in medical technology. These vessels could potentially be used to replace damaged or diseased blood vessels, and could be used to create new blood vessels in areas where they are needed.

Obesity And Reduced Blood Flow to Brain

Overweight can reduce blood flow to the brain but an increased physical activity could modify the blood flow, according to a recent study by...

Covid 19 prevents new blood cells

Covid 19 is known to bring in many health complications. A new study has now claimed that Coronavirus not only destroys the red blood...

People with Blood type ‘O’ less risky to Covid-19

One might have wondered why Covid19 is lethal for some and not for others. Well, a new study now sheds light on this. The...

Changes in Red Blood cells help in determining Covid severity

The severity of Covid 19 in patients can be determined by examining the changes in the red blood cells, according to a new study. In...

Get blood through ‘eBloodServices’

At a time when the world is in the grip of a major pandemic, the Indian Red Cross Society (ICRS) has come up with...