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Lower Blood Pressure with Indian Spices

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a global health concern affecting millions of individuals. While lifestyle adjustments like diet and exercise are pivotal, incorporating specific Indian spices into your daily regimen can provide an additional layer of support. In this article, we delve into three potent Indian spices celebrated for their ability to manage high blood pressure and enhance overall cardiovascular health.

Natural Remedies for Healthy Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, a global concern, affects 1 in every 3 adults worldwide, as per the recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO). Stress and sedentary lifestyles have driven this surge in hypertension cases, with over half of those affected unaware of their condition. But before resorting to medication, there are effective home remedies to manage blood pressure levels naturally.

How Insufficient Sleep is Quietly Harming Your Heart?

Sleeping less than six hours a night? It's time to pay attention to your heart. Sleep deprivation isn't just about feeling groggy...

Hypertension Crisis: 4 in 5 Inadequately Treated

In a shocking report, the World Health Organisation revealed that four out of every people with hypertension are not receiving adequate treatment....

Lying Down for Blood Pressure Measurement Could Improve Accuracy

A recent study presented at the American Heart Association's Hypertension Scientific Sessions 2023 in Boston suggests that lying down while getting your blood pressure taken may lead to more accurate readings, particularly for people with high blood pressure. These preliminary findings could potentially help in predicting future stroke, heart issues, and mortality.

30 Minute on Mobile, a Higher Risk of Blood Pressure

Does talking on mobile phones increase the risk of high blood pressure? A new study sheds light on the use of mobile and high blood pressure. The study shows that talking on a mobile for 30 minutes or more per week is linked with a 12 percent increased risk of high blood pressure. The researchers published the study in European Heart Journal – Digital Health, a journal of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

Blood Pressure Levels Rose During Covid 19 pandemic

People with hypertension saw a small, but consequential, rise in their blood pressure levels during the first eight months of COVID-19 pandemic,...

High Blood Pressure and Covid-19

Is there any relation between COVID-19 pandemic and high blood pressure? Well, a new study has shown that blood pressure levels increased among middle-aged...

Hypertension; Low, Middle Income Countries On Top

People in low and middle-income countries are more prone to high blood pressure or hypertension, which is a medical condition that significantly increases the...

Social isolation, a more risky factor for women 

It is a known fact that social isolation and loneliness affects the physical health of a person. But do these affect men and women...