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Guiding Lights or Deadly Traps: Dark Side of Urbanization for Migrating...

Explore the perilous impact of light pollution on migrating birds revealed in a groundbreaking study. Discover the urgent need for conservation strategies as urbanization becomes a deadly obstacle in their journey.

End of an Era: 21 Species Declared Extinct

In a significant announcement, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service confirmed the extinction of 21 species, including birds, a bat, and several mussels. These species are being delisted from the Endangered Species Act due to their unfortunate demise.

Climate Change Impacts Pathogen Prevalence in Birds and Bats

Climate Change Impacts Pathogen Prevalence in Birds and Bats

Birds in Peril; Alarming Declines and Urgent Actions

When some birds like the Indian peafowl enjoy an upswing, majority of birds face a decline in numbers, according to the recently released "State of India's Birds 2023" report. Based on data contributed by around 30,000 birdwatchers, this comprehensive report identifies concerning patterns in bird populations, highlighting the precarious state of raptors, migratory shorebirds, and ducks.

Birds Also Divorce From Partners

Like humans, birds divorce their partners too. Affairs and extended periods of separation lead to divorce among birds, according to a study.

Temp Increase; Birds Mate Less

As temperatures continue to increase, birds may start breeding too early or too late in the season, leading to a reduction in their reproductive success, according to a study.

Extreme Combination Trait Birds at Higher Extinction Risk

Birds with extreme or uncommon combinations of traits face the highest risk of extinction, according to a new study published in the...

Birds in the US Declined Fast in their Habitats

Birds in the United States are declining overall in their habitats of forests, grasslands, deserts and oceans, while they are better thriving...

More Birds Occupied City Greens During Covid 19 

How has Covid 19 affected the bird population in the cities? A new report from researchers at the University of Washington found...

Bird Atlas; A good News For Bird Watchers

Bird watchers and environmentalists now have a good news with the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS)...