Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Game-Changer: Tata ‘s Curvv SUV Coupe Hits the Roads

: Discover the allure of Tata's groundbreaking Curvv SUV Coupe, redefining style and performance in this comprehensive review.

BMW 2024 Line-up with Advanced Tech, Innovative Upgrades

Discover the revamped 2024 BMW line-up featuring cutting-edge design, enhanced driver assistance systems, and tech upgrades. From Active Lane Change with eye activation to Siri integration, explore the innovative features shaping BMW's latest offerings for Western markets

Audi Unleashes the All-New Q7 Facelift with Cutting-Edge Features

Experience the future of luxury driving with the redesigned Audi Q7 facelift - a blend of style, technology, and power. Unveiling the stunning changes and innovative features set to redefine your driving experience

Jeep Wagoneer S, a Global BEV Marvel

Brace for the electric revolution! Jeep announces the global debut of its maiden Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), the Jeep Wagoneer S, set to hit the USA in fall 2024 and later venture into key markets. Unveil the specs, the reimagined design, and the acceleration prowess, marking Jeep's commitment to a greener automotive future.

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650; Power and Style

Explore the allure of Royal Enfield's Shotgun 650, a powerhouse on two wheels. Uncover details on price, bookings, and features in this exclusive article

Mahindra Unveils 2024 XUV700 with Striking Features

Explore the latest upgrades to Mahindra's XUV700, featuring captivating Napoli Black colour, captain seats, and advanced Adrenox technology. Learn about the competitive pricing and how these updates elevate the SUV's appeal in the market.

Mercedes-Benz Kicks Off 2024 with GLS Facelift for India

Experience luxury in motion as Mercedes-Benz introduces the GLS facelift and sets the stage for innovation and expansion in India.

India’s E2W Sales Jump 17%

Explore the surge in India's electric two-wheeler (E2W ) market, propelled by Ola Electric's dominance and strategic maneuvers, marking a significant 17% year-on-year sales increase in December.

Tata Motors’ Flagship SUVs Achieve 5-Star Safety Rating

Tata Motors reaches a significant milestone as its flagship SUVs, the new Safari and premium Harrier, secure a 5-star safety rating under Bharat-NCAP, India's independent safety assessment program. This accomplishment highlights Tata's commitment to delivering the safest vehicles on Indian roads and advancing safety standards.

Global New Car Sales Forecasted to Surge in 2024

Riding on the tailwinds of easing supply-side issues and sustained post-Covid pent-up demand, S&P Global Mobility predicts a robust global new car sales figure of 88.3 million in 2024. Key markets like China, the US, and Europe are expected to play pivotal roles in driving this momentum, with a positive outlook for India, the world's third-largest vehicle market