Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Economic Outlook: Growth Slows, Inflation Persists, Risks Remain

The world economy is expected to see moderate growth in 2023, projected at 3.0%, but is anticipated to slow down slightly to 2.7% in 2024. This economic growth is largely driven by Asia, despite a weaker recovery in China than expected. However, global growth in 2024 is likely to be lower, primarily due to monetary policy becoming more visible and China's subdued domestic demand, said OECD in its latest report.

Alarming Persistence of Illegal Pet Trade Threatening Orangutans

As Asia’s only great ape, orangutans remain a prime target for the illegal pet trade across the region. With their populations concentrated in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, the alarming figures from January 2013 to July 2023 underscore a distressing reality - at least 161 live orangutans have fallen victim to the clutches of illegal trade.

Asia-Pacific’s Narrow Window for Climate Resilience

Asia-Pacific region has a limited timeframe to enhance its resilience and safeguard its hard-earned development achievements from the socioeconomic consequences of climate change, said the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP),

Heat wave Threatens Children in Europe, Central Asia

UNICEF has reported that half of all children in Europe and Central Asia, totalling 92 million, are exposed to high heat wave frequency, posing serious risks to their health and education. This is double the global average of 1 in 4 children exposed to high heat wave frequency. The region must urgently invest in mitigation and adaptation measures to protect children from the adverse effects of climate change.

Climate change impacts increasing in Asia

The World Meteorological Office (WMO) has released a report stating that Asia is experiencing higher-than-average warming and increasing climate change impacts. Floods, storms, droughts, and severe dust storms have caused significant loss of life, damage, and economic losses in the region. The report emphasizes the urgent need for transformative adaptation and strengthening food system resilience to combat these challenges.

Unearthing the World’s Oldest Known Curry

In today's globalized world, we take the availability of spices for granted, enriching our cuisines with flavors from various cultures. Recent research, however, reveals that the trade of spices for culinary use has a history dating back some 2,000 years – a fascinating discovery shedding light on ancient Southeast Asia. In a groundbreaking study published in Science Advances on July 21st, a team of researchers uncovered evidence of what appears to be Southeast Asia's oldest known curry, marking it as the earliest evidence of curry outside of India.

Tourism in Asia Must Adapt To Post Covid Environ

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Asian Immigrants and Hurdles in America

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No Surrender of Human Rights For a Living; UN

No one should have to surrender their human right to migrate in order to find a living wage, the UN human rights...

Full Labour Recovery Still Remains Elusive for Asia -Pacific

Asia-Pacific labour markets recorded a partial rebound from COVID-19 impact but full recovery remains elusive with conditions expected to remain difficult into...