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Dramatic Reduction in Opium Poppy Production in Afghanistan

The production of opium poppies in Afghanistan has witnessed a staggering decline since the imposition of a drug ban by the de facto authorities last year, according to the newly released Afghanistan Opium Survey 2023 by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). The data reveals that opium supply has plummeted by an estimated 95 percent, dropping from 6,200 tons in 2022 to 333 tons in 2023. This decline corresponds to a sharp reduction in the area under opium cultivation, shrinking from 233,000 hectares to just 10,800 hectares over the same period.

Afghanistan Ranks at the Bottom of Global Index on Women’s Status

Afghanistan finds itself at the lowest position among 177 countries regarding the status of women. This year's rankings, place Denmark at the top, affirming its position as the best country for women, scoring more than three times higher than Afghanistan, according to the latest Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Index.

Afghan Embassy in New Delhi Suspends Operations’ Why So?

Two years after the Taliban takeover of Kabul, the Afghan embassy in New Delhi has announced the suspension of its operations. The decision was attributed to a lack of cooperation from both the Taliban regime and the Indian government, marking a significant development in the ongoing power struggle within Afghanistan's diplomatic missions.

Killings and Abuses in Afghanistan despite Taliban Amnesty

Hundreds of former Afghan government officials and members of the armed forces have reportedly been killed, despite assurances of amnesty from the Taliban, according to the UN human rights office (OHCHR).

Children in Afghanistan into labour to aid families

An alarming number of children in Afghanistan are being compelled into labour to aid their families in coping with the escalating levels of poverty and hunger, according to a latest report from the Save the Children.

Ten Countries At Most Climate Risk

Climate change is causing new humanitarian crises and accelerating existing ones in vulnerable communities around the world. Which countries are at most risk of climate disaster? A new analysis International Rescue Committee (IRC) shows that ten countries are at most risk.

Persistent barriers to accessing healthcare in Afghanistan

Afghans are finding it hard to meet their medical expenses even as unmet medical and humanitarian needs continue to soar in Afghanistan,...

Humanitarian Crisis Reversing  Gains of the Last 20 Years in Afghanistan 

Afghanistan is facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis with a very real risk of systemic collapse and human catastrophe and this humanitarian crisis...

JAN 24 Education Day Dedicated to Afghan Girls and Women

January 24 is the International Education Day and this year UNESCO dedicates the day to girls and women in Afghanistan who have...

Taliban Ban on Women; NGOs Receive Disturbing Calls

On December 24, Afghan's Taliban  government barred women from working in local and international humanitarian organizations. reports said that Taliban ordered all...
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