Supermodels for monitoring future Coronavirus spread

When Are People With Covid 19 Infectious?

In anticipation of coronavirus spreading to the future, India has come up with a National Supermodel for monitoring future transmission of infection and health surveillance. Numerous mathematical models for Covid-19 forecasting and surveillance are being worked out by investigators, an official release said.

The Department of Science and Technology has initiated the programme. They took into account the country’s history of using mathematical models for disaster management planning of metrological events. The DST has pooled in expertise in the field, the release said.

It said that the model will entirely rely only on the data that is relevant to COVID-19. It will have an adaptive built-in component to learn from the newer trends in the data. The release said that the model will aggregate successful evidence-based mathematical and statistical forecasting models. The supermodel will also include the best predictive analytics for robust forecasting of infectious disease spread.

The DST said that policymakers not only in India but around the world could use the supermodel to overcome difficulties in predicting the rate of spread of infection and how it would burden the healthcare sector, thereby curbing the epidemic.

The Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research and IISc, Bangalore will co-ordinate the work.




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