Stubble to pellets; a novice way to protect environment

Stubble burning is a major issue in the northern part of India and is said to be a major cause for the haze in these regions and also in the melting of Himalayan Glaciers. When the government is facing impediments in the disposal of crop residues, a man from Punjab has come up with a solution for solving this issue.
Sukmeet Singh has a solution with his national winning start up – Agri2Power ( A2P) energy solution. The energy solution has been buying the drop residues and then converting into useful energy products.

He started the start up in 2018after quitting his job as an associate director with teh Indian School of Business’ Entrepreneurship. Earlier he had worked with Satyam, TCS, Tech Mahendra.
When he started his startup, he was quite supported by Aston University and Oglesby Charitable Trust, which had provided all support for his research. The straw was processed into energy products such as bio fuels. The pellets or bio fuels were of high demand and was supplied to many industries.

Later, they also started producing boards that could be used for furniture manufacturing. The company is now researching to produce bio char and also exploring ways to use the pellets as soil conditioners.

Though they could have got the stubble free of cost, they bought the straw as they wanted to provide the farmers their due share and to make them part of the whole process. As of now, they have prevented burning of paddy straw in about 500 acres of land. Sigh was quoted as saying that there was much demand for their innovation and many farmers have started to approach them.


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