Staying in space Hotel not a dream!

Travel to the space for a holiday is just not imaginative or science fiction. If you have the money, then you can have a leisure trip to space and stay there for some days. Just plan a vacation outside Earth with the first space hotel soon to become a reality in 2017.

The Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), the company behind the ambitious project, said that work would start on the project in 2016. They recently unveiled details about the resort, and images and videos that created a buzz online.

The first-of-its-kind luxury hotel called Voyager Station will accommodate 400 people, the company said.

The company said in its website that the first commercial space station would operate with artificial gravity. It will resemble a giant wheel rotating outside the planet. The company says a trip to space cost up to 25 million dollar for staying in a Zero-G facility, using vacuums for toilets, sleeping in a bag strapped to a wall, and living in a laboratory.


These can be booked for a week, rented for a month, or purchased as a vacation home. voyagerThe luxury villas are 5300 sf. They have cooking facilities, three bathrooms, and sleeping accommodations for up to 16 people.


If travelling alone or with a partner, there are suites for a three-day trip or for a month. The suites are 320 square feet and have private bathrooms, sleeping accommodations for up to two people. voyager


You can play sports, run or even jump in the 1/6th Earth gravity environment. The lower level gym is equipped with weights and treadmills so that you can work out while watching the Earth and stars rotate below you.


Restaurant and Bar The restaurant offers space classics such as Tang and freeze-dried ice cream. voyagerHowever, the company said bi-weekly food deliveries would come that every bite is fresh and delicious


Overall Diameter: 200m

Estimated Station Mass: 2,418 Metric Tons

Estimated Station Volume: 51,104 m3

Maximum Station Occupancy: 316 to 440 depending on final module configuration

Emergency Return Vehicles (ERVs): 44

Habitation Modules: 24 (1.809 m each)

Dimensions: 12m diameter x 20m long


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