Sports also adds to marking of a student’s achievement in CBSE

Sports CBSE

In India, sports is considered to be an extracurricular activity. This may change from next year with the Centre for including sports in the CBSE curriculum? SportsIndian Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju has said that Sports will no longer be considered as an extracurricular activity but will be made a part of the curriculum.

Speaking in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, at the inauguration of the N PV Ramaswamy Udayar Hockey Centre, he said that sports will be part of the syllabus from Next year. With the new education policy, sports is part of education, he said.

Rijiju said that sports will become part of the education of a child for determining the student’s achievement. He also informed that the government had held several discussions in making sports parts of the CBSE curriculum.

Noting that the new syllabus is being prepared, the minister said that he was in regular touch with the experts who are engaged in the preparation of the syllabus. He said that the policy has been accepted and that he had held several discussions with the Human Resource Development Ministry. Once the Human resources Development ministry gives the final nod, the new system will be rolled out, he added. .


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