Son’s death in road accident prompts a Father to distribute helmets


In a rare gesture, the father of a man who was saddened by the death of his son in a road accident, distributed helmets to young riders at the condolence function of his deceased son.

Setting an example, Mahendra Dixit from Madhya Pradesh gave away helmets to youngsters in order to spread the message of road safety and to ensure that no one else has to suffer a similar fate like his son.

25 year old Lucky Dixit died on November 20 when he met with an accident. He was not wearing helmet at the time of the accident. Dixit was quoted as saying that he distributed the helmets as he did not want others to have the same pain as of his of losing dear ones. He said that his son had died as he was not wearing helmet. Dixit said that he distributed helmets to young people above the age of 18 years and also to spread awareness among them to wear helmets while driving two wheelers. He also asked the parents not to allow their kids to ride two wheelers without wearing helmets.

Meanwhile, many people, including youngsters are said to have come in support of Dixit. Some of the young ones even promised that they would never ride two wheelers without helmets.


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