Social websites out of reach of Army personnel



The Army personnel have been asked to desist from being involved in any social media group, involving non service [personnel and even Army veterans. This directive is said to have been issued after there were alleged attempts by some to gather information through social media.

It has been said that periodical checks would be conducted to see if any of the personnel was involved in any of the social media groups to prevent fool proof security.

The directive is mainly aimed at stopping the personnel from posting about their movement so that someone at the other end could gather information about the troop movement. The personnel have also been asked not to post any pictures on their social media pages, which they believe could adversely affect the security. .

In the directive, the personnel have been asked to quit whatsapp and other groups except the ones with the serving officers.  Even the family members have been asked to avoid details about postings of their family members.

Though it has been said that this was an attempt to strengthen security and also to plug in all loopholes, some personnel believe that it was only an attempt to stop them from expressing their criticism.


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