Snoring, blame it on genes


Snoring is what your partner never likes. A lot of discussion and research have been done on snoring and the causes related to it. When some say it is genetic some others say it is related to lifestyle. A new study has now revealed that snoring is related to the genes.

The study by leading medical research institute OIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute has now identified 13 genes related to snoring. Moreover, middle aged men who smoke and overweight people are likely to have this condition, said the study published in Nature Communications.
Senior author and leader of the study Dr Miguel E Renteria said that the 173 genes were situated on 42 regions of human genome.  The study, one of the largest study of the genetics of snoring, would give a new insight into snoring. The researchers identified the genes by making a comparison in the DNA of as many as 150,000 people who shore to about 250,000 people who do not snore.

Topics studied include the effects of Body Mass Index (BMD), alcohol consumption and smoking . The study also found that many of the genes associated with snoring people have previously been linked to cardio-metabolic, respiratory, psychiatric and neurological traits. It is a known fact that snoring is more visible in men than in women. Drinking increases the risk of snoring in men more than in women. Smoking was seen to increase the risk on women than in men.


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