Snapchat launches app to help people beat corona stress

With billions of people inside the homes after forced and self-isolations and getting depressed, Snapchat has launched an app ‘Here for you’, for its users to beat the stress.

With this new tool, when users search for information on topics related to anxiety, depression, stress, suicidal thoughts or bullying, the application will offer them information from local experts.

“‘Here for you’ offers in-app support for users who may be experiencing a mental or emotional health crisis or who are curious to learn more about these issues or how to help friends with these issues,” says the company in a statement.

Snapchat also disclosed that it is working to include a section to add information from organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States.

The widespread shutdown, fears of economic slow-down and above all personal anxieties about the virus that is knocking at the doors have sent shudder down the spines for the people. The experts have warned of a sweeping depression wave in these conditions.

People especially the teenagers and youngster go to social media apps to connect with the people and also to beat the stress, being hooked to the online platforms. That makes it more relevant for the social media companies to introduce new apps to help them.


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