Smuggling Tunnels run for miles



Tunnels for smuggling between two countries or regions is not new but a smuggling tunnel running about three quarters of a mile is quite a surprise now. The longest smuggling tower has been discovered by the United States authorities running along the South West Border.

The officials said that it was the longest tunnel that is known for smuggling. The tunnel runs from Tijuana (Mexico), to San Diego and the tunnel had a rail cart system, high voltage electrical cables, forced air ventilation and elevator at the tunnel entrance and a good drainage system. The authorities said that the length was more than 14 football fields.

The tunnel extended to a length of 4,309 feet. The tunnel ran about 70 feet underground just below the border wall of Mexico. The height of the tunnel is about .5 feet and width is two feet. Until the discovery of this tunnel the longest smuggling tunnel was found in San Diego, which was 2,966 feet long. It was discovered in 2014.

The officials who came across the tunnel were quoted as saying that they were quite surprised to see that the tunnel was quite long. They have almost found about 15 tunnels on California’s border with Mexico since 2006. All these tunnels were built in a sophisticated manner with facilities of railway tracks, lighting, ventilation and hydraulic lifts. Most of the tunnels are reported from Otay Mesa area where clay-like soil is good to dig.


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