Sleep less, your anger and frustration increases

For many adults, maintaining a consistent sleep schedule amid the demands of work, family, and social commitments is a challenge. However, recent research conducted at Augusta University in Georgia suggests that this variability in sleep patterns could be linked to accelerated biological aging.

If you sleep less, then there is much chance that your anger and frustration would be augmented. A new study found that anger and frustration in a person is much related to his sleep.

The researchers came to the conclusion after analysing daily diary entries of 202 college students. These students were analysed for about a month. The researchers reported that students who had less sleep experienced more anger on that day.

Moreover, the results showed that the students who had less sleep experienced more anger during the afternoon time. Apart from the students, the researchers also held a lab experiment with 147 community residents. They were asked to maintain their regular sleep schedule and to restrict their sleep at home by about five hours across two nights. The results showed that the people who had sound sleep adapted to noise and reported less anger after two days. On the other hand, the people who had less sleep showed increased anger to aversive noise.


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