Skin rashes, a symptom of Covid 19


Are skin rashes a symptom of coronavirus? Yes, they are if a new study has to be believed.  The Researchers at King’s College London and Zoe Global Ltd has said that skin rashes could be predictor of the deadly virus.

In their study, they found that 8.8 per cent of the people who tested positive for coronavirus also reported of having a skin rash. As per the NHS guidelines, the symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, persistent cough, and a reduced sense of smell. Skin rashes are not included.

The researchers believed that skin rashes were a clear symptom of covid 19. The rashes are far less common but they last longer and are more specific.  It is a known fact that Coronavirus is primarily a respiratory illness. However, it is also know to affect other organs, including the skin. .

The researchers say that the link between skin manifestations and coronavirus was slower to emerge than it develops for other organs. The study was based on data of 336,847 UK patients who had COVID Symptom. They also looked into the data of 11,546 people who participated in an independent survey on COVID-19-related skin symptoms.

They also corroborated their findings with an independent online survey. They found that 17 per cent of the people who were positive in swab tests showed skin rash as an initial symptom. The researchers concluded that skin rashes should also be considered as a major symptom of Covid 19.

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