Kerala CM to Hit the Streets For SilverLine; A Clear Message Unfold

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, quite adamant and determined for implementing the SilverLine rail project, would directly interact with the people for suppressing the opposition against his dream project.

In a bid to triumph over the stiff resistance from the Opposition parties as well the environmentalist and social activists, the Chief Minister himself is directly coming down. He will tour the districts and clarify concerns raised about the project.


Despite opposition from all corners, the question raised is why Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is so adamant in implementing the project. Even in his party, the CPI(M),  quite a number of leaders and workers are against SilverLine. However, sources said that they never come out against Vijayan, who has now become all powerful in the party. No one wants to defy Vijayan and thereby inviting the ire of the party.  The CPI, which is part of the Left Front, have raised some apprehensions. A few of the CPI State leaders is known to have raised their objection against the project. The CPI is said to be supporting the project only because it is part of the LDF manifesto.


With such opposition from inside his party and even the allies, serious doubt rises on why the Chef Minister is so resolute. Despite all opposition, the LDF government nor Vjayan nor the CPM has tried to clear the doubts of the opposition. The Chief Minister has to come clear on the economic viability, environmental impact and social impact.


Several of the critics have pointed out that Kerala, which is in the midst floods and landslides, cannot withstand another environmental disaster. They doubt that SilverLine would cut through the State’s ecologically fragile ecosystem. They also noted that SilverLine will drill holes in the already fragile Western Ghats as tonnes of rock and soil is needed to build these embankments. The Government as well as Vijayan has to come clear of all these apprehensions.

During his tour of districts, it is to see if Vijayan will clear all these doubts, rather than render a political discourse, suppressing just the Opposition. During the last many days, Vijayan has been defending SilverLine by raising development issues but never cleared the doubts raised. Recently, while inaugurating the CPI(M) Malappuram district conference, Vijayan said  that his government would not abandon any development initiative required for the state. He said that development of the land was the most important thing and urged party cadres to ensure more support from people to implement it effectively. He also recalled that protests were there even during the time of the land acquisition for the development of national highway and implementation of the GAIL pipeline but the change such infrastructure projects brought to the state was not small.


Vijayan’s first interaction is scheduled in Thiruvananthapuram on January 4. Apart from Chief Minister, eminent personalities from diverse fields have also been invited for the meeting. Apart from Vijayan’s tour of the districts, the CPM ha also decided to launch a door-to-door campaign to clear concerns about the project. The party is also for holding street and family meetings to explain the project to the common man.


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