Silver Line; Does Manifesto Matter For The Common Man?

Silver Line; A White Elephant Prevailing Over Environment

The CPI (M) in Kerala has been saying that Silver Line would be implemented whoever opposes it, as it was a promise they gave in their 2021 election manifesto. When they stick on to the manifesto, a real doubt arises – Do the people, the common man, really know about everything in the Manifesto? Do they read line by line? Do the people really give importance to the Manifesto of any political party?

All these questions just comes to one’s mind when the CPI(M) says that it would implement the Silver line as it was a promise given in their 2021 manifesto.


The only interest for the election manifesto is for opposite parties, who would just dig it at the time of elections or leave it for the next elections. The industrialists, a few academicians (Not sure) and journalists may have some interest in going through the manifesto. But here too, the areas of interest are important. For example, a Doctor or a health expert would only be interested in what is written in the manifesto about his area of interest and would never take interest in what is written with respect to infrastructure development.

Adding more to this, the political parties can argue that they hold debates, seminars, and meetings on the promises in their election manifesto. They may also argue that they distribute copies of the manifesto. Still, do the people know everything said in the manifesto? Are the people interested in the manifesto?


Well, a majority of the people, especially the common man, when asked would say they do not know about what the political parties say in their election manifesto. The Majority would say they have never read a line in the so-called manifesto. When this remains the reality, the CPI (M) rallies behind the election manifesto. The CPI, a constituent in the Left Front, is said to have not come out against the Silver Line as it was mentioned in the Election manifesto. Or, maybe they would have!!!!

It is at this juncture that Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan stresses that the
LDF government will keep its word and only announces the projects which will be implemented.  He even stated that the people know that the Government will not lie to them and they are confident that the government would implement each project mentioned in the election manifesto.


Well, let that be so and let the CPI (M) led government implement the promises in the Election manifesto. In the Election Manifesto, the Left parties clearly stated that the Silver Line project would be implemented only after getting environmental clearance and all other clearances. It was further promised that land acquisition would start only after all the clearances are got.

If they stick on to the election manifesto, why then laying “marking stones”? The government says that it is part of the Social Impact Assessment (SIA), which many disagree. Experts opine that there is no need for marking lands for any SIA.  Moreover, a leading newspaper has reported that notifications have been issued under the Kerala Survey and Boundaries Act 1961 by 11 district administrations — mostly by special tahsildars for K Rail — in October 2021. Most of them state that a survey will be carried out for land acquisition.

So people cannot be blamed if they have serious doubts about the silver line. Even the experts or intellects cannot be blamed if they raise reservations about the real promises in the election Manifesto. The real promise was to acquire the land only if environmental clearance and all clearances are got. The CPI (M), instead of talking a lot of election manifesto, should understand the real sentiments of the people.

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